Adenoma of the Prostate Gland

Prostate adenoma, resource approach to management

Adenoma – ageing consequence

By the age of seventy eighty per cent of all men in the world suffer from BPH (acording to 1991 studie by the School of Hygiene and Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland). Some people discover the first symptoms as early as at the age of forty and the number of those contracting the disease grows proportionally with age. It seems adenoma is a part of ageing. The changes we experience in our body while growing older reveal themselves in the deficit of utilization resource of damaged cells accumulated in a particular area, and general hormonal imbalance of the organism.

A large number of remaining “building” proteins and restructuring of a person’s hormonal background lead to the overgrowth of the prostate while lack of “building” proteins would prevent the adenoma from growing. It is common knowledge that building proteins can be removed from the body only with the flow of lymph. Therefore, we need to increase the flow of lymph in order to slow down the growth of adenoma.


VITAFON as resource support

The intensity of the flow of lymph is determined by the level of biological microvibrations which are provoked by the contraction of muscle cells located in the bladder, rectum and other tissues which surround the prostate. With age the contractive activity of muscle cells decreases resulting in the deficit of biological microvibrations. Such factors as kidney malfunction, constipation, spinal diseases, irregular sexual life and chronic fatigue also contribute to the deficit of biological microvibrations.

As far as in 1994 the Ministry of Health recommended for the production and usage in medical practice certain devices for treatment by means of microvibration. Devices allow to compensate entirely the deficiency of biological microvibrations in organism tissues. The ability of these devices to improve the flow of lymph and to reduce edema drew the attention of urologists. The first medical research was conducted in the I.I.Mechnikov Medical Academy at the Department of urology in 1998. The scientific report which followed stated the cessation of growth of adenoma, reduction of the amount of residual urine in the bladder and improvement of the urine stream. The study was carried out with the medical device ‘VITAFON’

kard.[1]In the urological clinic of at the Military Medical Academy in St.Petersburg seven years of medical surveillance of the patients, who used VITAPHONE medical devices at home, and two years of research also proved that the therapy stops the growth of adenoma. All the patients experienced apparent improvements expressed in varying degrees.

The study was conducted with VITAFON-2. The effect of its usage frequently outperforms medication therapy and a combination of both brings excellent results. In the picture on the right, taken from the report, you can see that judging by the indicator of residual urine treatment of adenoma with medical devices of the VITAPHONE series can be compared to transurethral resection.



Urinating difficulty is one of the most unpleasant complications of adenoma. Therapy with VITAFON-2 helps reduce the edema, significantly improves the urine stream, increases the period between urinations. The patients fell revived and the quality of their lives significantly improves.


We often receive letters in which those who use VITAFON claim that they managed to cure adenoma with the help of the device. This is hardly possible. It’s more likely the patients got rid of the unpleasant symptoms which accompany adenoma and improved the quality of life to such an extent that the disease no longer affects their lives.

In the year 2004 thirty patients under seventy-eight years old that suffered from BPH went through a comprehensive medical examination of the clinical symptoms of the disease. The scientists studied the changes in urination and size of the prostate, estimated the possibility of side effects with using VITAFON-2 and using cardura.

The results of the study allowed to prove the beneficial effect of microvibrations on the clinical symptoms especially on the irritative symptoms caused by BPH. The character of the changes of clinical symptoms and objective indicators, which characterise the process of urination, under the influence of this factor can be compared to the influence of a1-blocker of cardura and exceeds its effect in the indicator of the reduction of residual urine. These characteristics of the influence of microvibration remained valid for the patients who underwent transurethral resection.

During the last ten years we consulted 2764 people with urological pathologies, 2487 of whom diagnosed BPH and the remaining 277 had different urological diseases.

Taking into account medical indications and contraindications to vibroacoustic therapy they were advised to use VITAFON. The next visit of the patients with BPH to the medical centre revealed positive effect of various degrees while no aggravation was registered. The number of night urinations and the amount of residual urine were reduced and the irritative symptoms softened.

Based on these data we can come to the conclusion that it is appropriate to use microvibration in the comprehensive treatment of patients with prostate adenoma. One of the advantages of vibroacoustic therapy is its cheapness in comparison with medication treatment (e.g. using cardura). There is no reliable data which proves there are changes of the size of the prostate under the influence of either microvibration or cardura. The effect of vibroacoustic therapy on urination lasts for the following 3-6 months. Microvibration therapy after transurethral resection relieves the irritative symptoms in the postoperative period.

How does it works?

Vitafon makes microvibration frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 18 000 Hz. Microvibration penetrates into the body 10 cm. Every body’s tissue has their resonant frequency. When frequencies coincides, the tissue begin to resonate. It improves blood flow in the injured area, and organs recovering accelerated.

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