Cystitis treatment should not be incomplete

Cystitis or inflammation of the bladder can be either an independent (primary) disease, or a side effect of a pathology of the bladder (stones, a tumor, a foreign body which got into the bladder through the urethra etc.). Women suffer from cystitis more often than men and it is usually a primary disease. When men have cystitis, it is almost always the result of complication of some other illness.

Cystitis manifests itself by frequent and painful urinations. Sometimes they are so frequent that people are confined to the toilet and are not able to go out, e.g. to the shop or for a walk.

Insufficient treatment of a protracted cystitis leads to a temporary and unstable improvement. Aggravation can be caused by any factor: exposure to the cold, ARD, improper diet (all the spicy, salty, sour dishes should be excluded) and so on.

A protracted inflammation of the bladder causes cicatricial changes in the walls of the bladder. The volume of the bladder is dramatically reduced, sometimes to 20-50ml, and as soon as such amount of urine fills the bladder, a person feels the urge to urinate. Some people are forced to sleep with a urinal.

Some people say that nobody has died of cystitis yet. That is true. But just try living with this disease! You will not wish it to anyone!

With VITAFON, you can speed up the recovery and avoid recurrences.

Cystitis and the changes in the wall of the bladder affect the blood circulation and lymphatic outflow. Such changes prevent different medicines from reaching the sick organ. The drug dose is increased which is not harmless and rather expensive while the effect is always low.

The therapy, which is performed with the help of contact microvibration of the continually changing sound frequency, can significantly improve the blood circulation and lymphatic outflow in the area of the small pelvis and the urinary bladder, reduce the edema, normalize the tone of the bladder muscles. This alone can make urinations less painful and less frequent. What’s more, it enhances the effect of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment. The procedure is performed in convenient home conditions and is called vibroacoustic therapy.

During the many years of practice the specialists of the clinic of urology of the Military Medical Academy from Belgrade, Serbia (VMA) proved that the VITAFON device therapy used for the treatment of cystitis is efficient and harmless. During the acute phase of the disease vibroacoustic massage is performed in the combination with medication therapy. During the remission phase the device can be used independently. The procedures should be performed in the morning and in the evening lying on the back. Vibrosoundtouch is performed in the areas of the bladder and the lumbar. It is useful to perform vibrosoundtouch procedures of the kidneys and liver in order to feel better and increase labor efficiency.

How does it works?

Vitafon makes microvibration frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 18 000 Hz. Microvibration penetrates into the body 10 cm. Every body’s tissue has their resonant frequency. When frequencies coincides, the tissue begin to resonate. It improves blood flow in the injured area, and organs recovering accelerated.

VITAFON has all necessary EU medical certificates that the therapy is not harmful for human health. VITAFON – products

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