FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


01What is vibroacoustic therapy?
Vibroacoustic therapy can be defined as a process of sound and vibration flowing through body, helping blood circulation and lymph drainage.



What is the main quality of vibroacoustic therapy?
Vibroacoustic therapy has several different influences on physiological processes in organism, and it can be used for the quality treatment of different diseases and disturbances. With modulating of physiological processes in organism Vitafon stimulates organism’s natural healing capacities.


03How does Vitafon work?
Vitafon emits sound and micro vibrations that are transmitted to the skin and tissue through Vitafon’s membrane (applicator). Vitafon affects certain body areas, and treats them with certain regiment and duration, defined in user manual.


05Is special training required for using the device?
No special training is required, just follow user manual.
You can consult doctors from expert team of FIP commerce, to get advice what treatment you should use.


04cCan I use Vitafon all by my self and do I need some special conditions to operate the device?
You can use Vitafon in the comfort of Your home, without anybody’s help.
You can use device while watching TV or listening to music.


06What will I feel while using Vitafon?
You will feel mild vibrations and pleasant warmth in the area You are treating.


07aCan I combine Vitafon therapy with other kinds of therapies?
You can combine Vitafon therapy with all kinds of physical therapy and with all medications you are taking. Since Vitafon improves your blood circulation, medication You use will be more useful.


08Do I have to set applicator precisely on areas that are shown in manual?
Applicators affect area 5 cm in diameter, if you move them 1,5-2 cm from certain area, therapy will still be efficient.


09How long can I use Vitafon?
You can use Vitafon no more than 2 hours per day (divided in two or three sections).
If you use properly, You can use it for weeks or months – until you reach your goal.

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