Causes of the disease and new, vibroacoustic approache to its treatment

The joint consists of living cells!


Gout (podagra) is a disease caused by the uric acid metabolism disorder in the organism, excess of this acid and its urates in the blood flow. The urates can accumulate in the skin, cartilage and in the joints. It leads to the attacks of arthritis and to the formation of kidney stones. Various medications are used in the treatment which help remove the uric acid from the body and slows down the process of formation of urates.

In the last decade of the 20th century the method which accelerates the process of removal of the uric acid from the organism became widely used. It is the method of vibroacoustic therapy of the area of kidneys.

Vibroacoustic therapy is a simple procedure that can be described as influence on the organism with microvibration of acoustic frequency. The procedure is performed with Vitafon device. Acoustic microvibrations are natural for the organism and benefit the functioning of all the body parts and systems. It is a kind of massage on the cell level.

Vibroacoustic procedure performed in the area of kidneys helps improve their functioning. Medical research has proved that Vitafon threatment of the kidneys increases the removal of the uric acid from the kidneys*. The obvious advantage of the method is that it is possible to perform the procedures at home and without anyone’s help. Besides, the devices are effective in the treatment of a number of diseases related to age.

How does it works?

Vitafon makes microvibration frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 18 000 Hz. Microvibration penetrates into the body 10 cm. Every body’s tissue has their resonant frequency. When frequencies coincides, the tissue begin to resonate. It improves blood flow in the injured area, and organs recovering accelerated.

*Medical research can be found at our web page Physiological effects

VITAFON has all necessary EU medical certificates that the therapy is not harmful for human health. VITAFON – products

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