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What VITAFON can do about it ?

Ancient Greeks considered sexual life to be a remedy for ageing. It is difficult to disagree with them. Sexual satisfaction and ability to fight ageing are closely connected with a person’s resource potential. The ability of a man to satisfy a woman (to be desirable and, therefore, more satisfied) is even more dependent on the resource potential of a man. In their physical life ancient Greeks were guided by the principle of saving and spending which, in some aspects, anticipated the resource approach to health. On the one hand, in the excessive desire for pleasure they saw a threat to self-control and self-restraint, and a waste of physical strength, which everyone must accumulate and maintain.

On the other hand, the Greeks found it very important to keep and cherish sexual desire.Indeed, what should we do when we feel we don’t live life to the full? According to different statistics, from 60% to 80% of all men find it true for themselves when they are 20- 40 years old. About 2/3 of them are married. It is common knowledge that sexual dissatisfaction is often the cause of family conflicts or even divorces. But even if everything seems to be alright, nobody is aware of the limits of their abilities.

How are men’s resources created? Erection occurs as a result of coordinated work of a special group of muscles which helps fill the cavernous body of penis with blood. These “erection-ensuring” muscles together with the heart rate squeeze the blood vessels in such a way that on the peak of a pulse wave blood gets through the blood vessel in one direction and can’t flow back. It raises blood pressure in the cavernous body of the penis and causes erection. The strength of erection (blood pressure in the cavernous body) depends on the work of the muscles which are responsible for erection. The length of erection depends on the quantity of the accumulated muscle resources.

What are the reasons for the scarcity of resources and how can we increase their quantity?

The muscles which participate in the erection process use the same resources as other body cells. Muscle cells account for 80% resource consuming cells. Consequently, general physical fitness and stamina contribute to the improvement of erection. However, the decisive role is played by the accumulated resources in the area of muscles which ensure erection. Massage of the prostate is a good way of restoring the muscles. This kind of massage can be performed only by a specialist. However, one should admit, it is neither pleasant nor cheap. There is a better method and this is vibroacoustic massage performed with the help of special vibroacoustic devices which influence a particular area with the microvibration of sound frequency. As microvibration penetrates deep into the tissues, treatment is performed without internal interference which is both hygienic and convenient. There are inexpensive devices for home usage named Vitafon devices. The effect is achieved owing to the regularity of procedures. It is also important that the effect builds up with every month.

A man isn’t usually aware of his abilities. The intimacy of the problem prevents people from being properly informed. If nothing hurts, it seems there is nothing to worry about. A lot of couples are content with coitus which is only 2-5 minutes long. Such amount of time not big enough for most women to reach physical satisfaction. Most often the reason is not the lack of experience or inability but scarcity of a man’s accumulated resources. Not all the men know that coitus can be controlled and can last for much longer than 10 minutes. Men are usually reluctant to share their problems and achievements even with a urologist, but when they do, their confessions are eloquent like, for example, this one:

Vitafon devices belong to the series of the most efficient, inexpensive and popular ones and can be used at home. Vitafons are usually used for the treatment of prostatitis, cystitis and adenoma. Their role in considerable improvement of potency was discovered during the therapy for the treatment of the above mentioned and other urological diseases. Very often patients surprised their doctors with unexpected “side” effects. Here are the words of a 70-year-old man from Israel who was treated for a rare Peyronie’s disease:

It is easy to build up men’s resources. In the morning or before going to bed you should perform vibroacoustic threatments in the areas of the underbelly, perineum, kidneys, liver and spine. Why do we include kidneys and the liver? The matter is that these organs create the resources and clean blood from the muscle activity products. Their functioning can limit the speed of building up the resources and, if a person doesn’t have a regular daily routine, it can hinder the process of accumulating additional resources. The problem manifests itself in different ways: morning fatigue, unwillingness to wake up, chronic fatigue and lack of energy. Microvibration improves functioning of the kidneys and the liver and accelerates the speed of accumulating resources. It is necessary to perform Vitafon therapy in the area of the spine because the lumbar controls the muscles which are responsible for erection.

Medications and other chemical substances used for the improvement of potency don’t increase the quantity of resources in the organism but force it, just like dope, to use the organism’s reserves. Medication treatment leads to exhaustion and other complications. In case it is necessary, it is advisable to combine medication therapy with resource restoration with the help of vibroacoustic therapy.

How does it works?

Vitafon makes microvibration frequency ranging from 20 Hz to 18 000 Hz. Microvibration penetrates into the body 10 cm. Every body’s tissue has their resonant frequency. When frequencies coincides, the tissue begin to resonate. It improves blood flow in the injured area, and organs recovering accelerated.

VITAFON has all necessary EU medical certificates that the therapy is not harmful for human health. VITAFON – products

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