Joint Pains


Many different pains are often referred to as “rheumatism”. Until they are personally affected very few people know that “rheumatism” may also refer to many different conditions. Hips, knees, legs, ams… no part of musculoskeletal system is immune to rheumatic diseases.


Rheumatism or rheumatic disorder is an umbrella term for conditions that affects 10% of population, and they all suffer chronic pain and limited movement of affected area (joints, spine, arm or leg).


Term “rheumatism” denotes different diseases and discomforts in locomotor system (bones, joints, muscles)
Word “rheuma” is borrowed from Greek and means “flow”.

Specific joint pain and limited mobility are common symptoms for all rheumatic pains. Experts calculated that rheumatism is the most expensive disease in the world. Every other women and one in six men get some form of this disease. Due to rheumatic diseases 14-16 million sick days are prescribed every year, and half of the people affected by the disease have to retire early.

Initial therapy of the major rheumatologic diseases is with analgesics and anti-rheumatics. Sevier cases are treated with corticosteroids. Unfortunately, since these are chronic diseases, long term use of anti-rheumatics can cause numerous side-effects (dyspepsia, diarrhea or obstipation, nausea and vomiting and in some cases stomach bleed and ulceration, acute kidney insufficiency, bone marrow and liver failure).

The severity of side-effects is not negligible. The therapeutic approach applies three key principles: do not hurt the patient, prolong his life and improve the quality of life. VITAFON meets all three principles. Regular use of this medical device increases range of joint movements, stops pain and morning stiffness and stimulates regeneration and restoration of anatomical structure of the joint, WITHOUT SIDE-EFFECTS.

Treatment is performed in home conditions, without professional help, by using VITAFON which produces precise micro-vibrations of high and low frequencies. For this reason, this device is called Russian Home Doctor.

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