Knee Pains


It is assumed that the pain occurs due to long-term degradation of knee cartilage. It is even considered that pain also occurs on a hereditary basis, but this assumption is still proved. Deformities such as flat soles and O and X legs have a great influence on the occurrence of this disease. Pain is most common in women in middle and late years, after menopause due to the lack of estrogen hormones.
Pains in the knees can be caused by sport injuries, twists or fractures. For example: while skiing knees endure ten times weight of the person itself. All this can lead to prematurely aged knees.

In most cases, doctors recommend long walks, therapies in which the knee is loaded, which is contrary to the cause of the disease, and all that combined with consuming lots of medicines, some for pain relief and some for “curing the knees”.

Considering all of the above we would recommend natural treatment for your knees, without expensive medications and different therapies that have to be repeated every couple of years.

Treatment is performed in home conditions, without professional help, by using VITAFON which produces precise micro-vibrations of high and low frequencies. For this reason, this device is called Russian Home Doctor.

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