Improves arterial circulation and cholesterol level
The stimulation through micro vibrations reduces resistance of blood flow through the arterial tree (vascular resistance is reduced), with an optimum frequency for every blood vessel diameter.

Smooth muscle cells in the arterial walls are susceptible to the influence of micro vibrations, so this kind of stimulation improves pushing and contracting ability of the arteries.


Improves venous circulation and regional blood flow
Veins are less elastic than the arteries, and the blood flow from the periphery toward the heart is maintained due to the vein ventricles. The propellant force is based on the, so called, hydrodynamic pump.

Skeletal muscle contraction is necessary for pumping blood through veins against the pull of gravity. The functioning of the pump does not require full muscular contraction; the stimulation of muscular cells and fibers with micro vibrations of small amplitudes is sufficient. This is important fact for physically inactive people (older people, people with sedentary lifestyle, people who have trouble moving and bedridden patients).


Increases contact frequency of biological components in the interstitium
Due to which the immunological and other biochemical reactions are intensified, in cases after trauma and orthopedic surgery.


Speeds up the filtration processes on membrane level in peridontitis
The most significant part of filtration improvement is on the level of glomerular membrane.

Taking into consideration the physiological effects of micro vibrations – VITAFON on one side, and the absence of interactions with bio-molecules of complex biochemical processes on the other, the vibro-acoustic therapy is extremely safe and efficient, with wide area of application.

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