Polyneuropathy is damage or disease affecting peripheral nerves throughout the body especially at the end parts of extremities. It is often part of some other disease. Primary damage can occur on nerve fiber (e.g. in diabetes, or damage with harmful things) or on myelin sheath surrounding the nerve (e.g. acute or chronic inflammatory polyneuropathy). If small myelin fibers are affected, patient loses feeling for temperature and pain, and when big fibers are affected it results in motor disorders.
Motor symptoms are the most common in the legs. In less severe cases, partial paralysis occurs, and more severe cases result in total paralysis of muscles, extremities and sometimes entire body. Due to transition of nerve impulses disorder changes of muscles, like hypertrophy or atrophy, may occur, which result in the reduction of gross muscular strength.

Sensitive phenomena consist of paraesthesia, burning, numbness, tension. Typical symptom is also painful pressure sensitivity of nerve endings in muscles. Pain occurs at night more often and it can be made worse by touching the affected area. If the illness progresses it could lead to difficulty in walking and even immobility.

Causes of polyneuropathy can be different. One of the most common is diabetic polyneuropathy. Treatment consists of medication and physical therapy. Unfortunately, in some types of polyneuropathy, symptoms persist despite the treatment so e goal of the therapy is to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life of patients.

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