Rhinorrhea is one of the most common upper respiratory tract diseases. Rhinorrhea is characterized by changes on nasal tissue. It swells and starts producing mucus excessively. This drainage may range from a clear fluid to thick mucus.

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It’s usually followed by high temperature, blocked nasal airway, preventing normal breathing through the nose. It’s often caused by viral infectious disease known as “common cold”.

Rhinorrhea also occurs in individuals with allergies. It can be seasonal (allergy to pollen), permanent (allergy to dust) or professional (allergy to flour).

Treatment with VITAFON can help relieve mucous membrane inflammation, disappearance of the swelling, drainage of the accumulated secretion, and consequently, allows normal breading, which is the most important for the patient.
Treatment is performed in home conditions, without professional help, by using VITAFON which produces precise micro-vibrations of high and low frequencies. For this reason, this device is called Russian Home Doctor.

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